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Frequently asked questions

You can rent a storage unit through our rental portal. Here you choose the date and preferred unit size, fill in the required information and choose your own 6 digit gate code to get into the facility. Payment is done via credit or debit card through our payment gateway. You will get welcome emails including information about your unit and you are set to go.

During the rental process you fill in your preferred 6 digit code. This code will grant you access and exit to the facility gate, just type it in to the keypad at the gate. You can then find your unit via our map. Once you are done loading or offloading, you lock your unit with your own padlock. You can buy one from us during the rental process.

You need:

  • A working credit or debit card, which has allowed online shopping payments – why? because payment for rentals is done via card in our online system.
  • Pick a 6 digit code which will be your entry and exit access codes for the gate.
  • Please have a scan or photo of your ID, driver’s licence or passport.
  • Your own padlock with HARDENED (hardened steel) written on the lock.

We also sell special padlocks ideal for self storage units, you can buy it during the rental process or ask us about it later.

You can rent it for 1 month minimum up to long term.

We recommend to have a look at our discounts section, and if you know you will be storing with us long term, choose a long term pay in advance rental option with a discount and save money today.

You can also switch your payment cycle from monthly to long term if you wish.

Monthly lease: Yes, it is possible if you are not sure, although we highly recommend you to use our reservation system to save time and have a seamless rental experience.

If we book a unit for you and you wish to pay monthly, we will send you an email with instructions on how to add your card in our system for payment.

Pay in advance lease: Yes, you can book via phone or email, we will make a reservation for you.

Yes of course you can, provided there is a unit you are requesting available. Let us know and we will make the change and let you know the details.

Have a look at our page with our unit sizes. If you are still not sure, then don’t hesitate to call us on: 775 30 80 20 and arrange a time with us to show you around. We will help you choose the right size.

Try and put in a different rental date in the rental booking system, providing you are flexible. If the unit is still not available, call us Mo-Fr, 9am -6pm at: 775 30 80 20 and we can try and find a viable solution for you.

Yes, the storage units at Super Storage are safe. You unit is locked with your own padlock. Each unit also has a door alarm connected to a security company. Only paying tenants have access to Super Storage.

Furthermore the facility has a night and weekend guard and guard dog and is monitored by cameras 24/7.

Only you have access to your units, and whomever you give a key to your padlock to. If you have more people coming into your unit, we advise buying a combination padlock, so you just give the person its code. However we advise to keep the number of people accessing your unit and the facility for a minimum, as you are responsible for any people coming in with your gate access code.

We do not have access into your unit.

The main payment option is credit/debit card via our online payment gateway. After saving your card during the rental process, the first payment and deposit will be paid for immediately.

For the next payment, you will receive an invoice by email 4 days before the next payment is due, and on the due date (1st day of the next monthly rental) we will deduct the monthly rental from your saved card.

You can change your card and invoicing details in the User Dashboard.

We use Stripe as our main payment gateway, it is also used by Amazon.com or Booking.com for example.

In certain cases such as pay in advance offers you can pay by bank transfer or card.

You can change your card and invoicing details in the User Dashboard.

No, we only accept credit or debit cards. We also accept bank transfers for long term pay in advance rentals.

Yes, we take a 1 month rental refundable deposit. The deposit is payable with your first payment.

If the unit is empty, clean and undamaged, we will return the full amount.

Have a look at our discounts and offers page to save money. Discounts are always limited with time, so they may vary in the future.

Call us Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm on tel. 775 30 80 20 or write us via our email.

Our notice period is minimum 14 days before the end of your payment cycle. Just let us know at least 14 days before the end of your rental and we will end your contract. Otherwise your rental will be renewed automatically for another month. For those on long term pay in advance leases, we will get in contact with.

For example if Lucy has rented from the 18th December on a monthly payment cycle, her next payment cycle will begin 18th January, 18th February and so on.

If she wishes to move out of her unit, she can do so always to the day before the new monthly cycle begins – in this example the 17th of the month. She can give notice latest 14 days in advance, so on the 3rd of the month. If Lucy wants to move out in mid March, she can move out on the 17th March if she gives notice on the 3rd March.

If she gives notice on the 6th March, she can move out earliest on the 17th April.

We will let you know where you can pick it up. It will be available to you immediately.